About us

Nihlmark & Zacharoff Advokatbyrå AB is active in the field of Business Law. The firm is owned by two partners, Per Nihlmark, Lars Zacharoff, both actively involved in the daily business and personally responsible for the firm.

Our clients are primarily companies of all sizes, domestic and International. They are active in different trades such as manufacturing, international trade, media and entertainment, retail and many more. Some of our clients are newly formed companies, other are already world players and have been with us for more than forty years. Some of them have internal legal functions, towards which we act as true specialists, other clients require more basic legal functions from us. We represent the clients, for example, in negotiations or litigation, draft their agreements, review their advertising, provide them with legal advice and handle their IP Portfolio.

Lawyers of our firm are members of the Swedish Bar Association (bearing the title Advokat) or under supervision of an Advokat. Accordingly, professional and ethical standards codified in the Code of Conduct of the Swedish Bar Association will apply to all services provided by us. We believe in giving purposeful, result oriented and straight forward advice. We strive to be business oriented, open minded, have integrity and to be easily reachable and fast to respond. A partner of the firm will have the overall responsibility for the services to a specific client, but the contractual relationship is with the firm. Partners, Associates or Legal Assistants may be involved in different matters depending on the nature and complexity of the matter. We allocate matters to a person with the proper level of experience in order to be economically effective for our clients.

The firm is part of a vast, informal network of qualified local law firms around the world. There are no formal ties in the network, but we have trusted colleagues easily accessible when so needed.